Frederic Stark is a special sub-shard with astounding powers. 


"The dark skinned people shall inherit the Earth while the light skinned people will die of skin cancer." - Aarchon Frederic Stark at his lecture on Monday, 3/7/16.

History Edit

Frederick Stark, like most of the sub-shards, was born during the Siege of Constantinople in 1453. However, what separates Frederic Stark from the sub-shards is his development. Stark was born in the Dung of Man, an alien resting ground located slightly north of Ulaanbataar. Because the Dung of Man invisible to all normal humans, Frederic Stark needed to survive and thrive in the infernal environment without any assistance. In the essence of survival, Stark needed to maintain a supply of College Board professor carcasses to satiate his hunger; other needs were rather simple to satisfy. This independence from human contact led to Stark's enhancement of his gross motor skills, mental capabilities, and fighting abilities. By 1XXX, Stark gained the physical strength to create a tear in the 8-dimensional space, resulting in the formation of a Rose-Einstein Bridge to ________, Earth in the 3rd dimension.

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