Ba'asurel is one of the five Shards of Earth’s Aeshma, and thrives by degrading students.



Ba’asurel’s human form.

Approximately 65 million years ago, the Chixulub meteor impacted Earth; the meteor was actually an Aeshma: a dark, double helix-shaped, invulnerable stone monolith that holds the consciousness of a soon-to-be-born Great One. When the monolith hit the planet, it shattered into five fragments of varying size. Since the Aeshma was a pre made consciousness facilitated by a Beli'el, each fragment developed an attribute of that unborn Great One. Ba’asurel was the smallest shard of the monolith, and lamented at his possible withering into nothingness; however, his fervor for survival led him to manifest into a physical form. As the other Shards eventually gained their own forms, they dispersed into the world to protect themselves. Each one knew the risk of encountering another Aeshma fragment and being devoured, for they all had a subconscious predisposition to fight, kill, and absorb the soul of the other Shard in order to eventually reform the consciousness of the unborn Great One. The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that the devoured Shard would lose its mind to the dominating Shard, and therefore, its perception of existence; this caused them to distance themselves from one another and hide among Earth's remaining life forms. Ba'asurel and the others lived on their eternal lives with indignation at their failure to form the Great One and ascend. As the eons went by, they saw the rise of humanity--whom the Aeshma was supposed to introduce sin to, but the Shards took on that role for themselves and encoded the temptations of Angra Mainyu into the very introns of man--and assimilated into human cultures for more effective protection.     

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