"The past does not repeat itself...." -The wise words of Nardi, 2014

Dr. Nardi is the second of the five shards to exist in this pathetic universe. As of now, Dr. Nardi teaches A.P. European History and Psychology. Despite the fact that A.P. European History is a course that normally attracts students of higher ambition, Dr. Nardi prays everyday that her students receive a 1 or below in the Advanced Placement Exam.


Several million years ago, Dr. Nardi was once part of the Aeshma, the double helix monolith. The Aeshma fell unto the Earth and shattered into five pieces, one of those pieces being Dr. Nardi's shard. Whilst a shard, Dr. Nardi's shard was imbued the power of edification by an unknown entity. Dr. Nardi's shard soon grew into the form of a premature Caucasian female, in which her biological makeup remained stagnant until her adoption by two human parents in the 20th century. Once adopted, Dr. Nardi's adoptive parents enlisted her into an educational institution established by the Jesuit Order. From thereon, Dr. Nardi's education greatly influenced her teaching style and has inspired her to teach other people that are not as educated as she is. Therefore, during her development in human form, Dr. Nardi began to follow a certain vocation, a vocation in which she felt that it was her duty to educate the most uneducated, illiterate, and uncultured beasts of Earth.

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